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 Men Challenge Cup 2021 postponed to September

Men Challenge Cup 2021 postponed to September

1. IISHF Men Challenge Cup 2021 postponed to September 2021

The IISHF Men Challenge Cup 2021 scheduled to take place on 18-20 June 2021 in Essen (Germany) has

after consultation with the hosting club SHC Rockets Essen now been postponed to 3-5 September 2021. The postponement has been decided based on the current stage of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the expected development in Essen, Germany in the next months. As agreed on the Annual General Meeting 2021 the deadline for latest decision if Title Events scheduled in 2021 will officially and finally take place is for tournaments in August/September to be decided latest by 30 June. It is the joint opinion of the hosting club "SHC Rockets Essen", the Germany Inline-Skaterhockey Federation (ISHD) and IISHF better to postpone this event rather than to cancel it. The IISHF Presidium will do its outmost to ensure 10 participating teams at this Title Event as originally planned but the minimum of teams for an European Cup are 8 teams from minimum 3 countries. The NMA's representing the currently selected 10 teams from Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine should respond no later than 29 April 2021 (3 weeks deadline) and inform IISHF if their participating teams will confirm their participation on the new dates in September. Attached please find the IISHF Title Event Confirmation Sheet for the IISHF Men Challenge Cup 2021 listing the 10 selected teams and 2 backup teams. In order to speed up processes the NMA's of the participating teams and any other NMA's interested in obtaining any possible vacant place should complete the listing for teams 1-5 in the domestic selection. The teams reported should be the same as reported originally by the 15 December 2020 deadline but please check if the contact informations are updated and valid. In addition please inform IISHF if your teams are willing to play any Friday games after the Opening Ceremony. Please note that playing Friday games is not mandatory but scheduling 1 or 2 Friday Evening games will enable IISHF to extend the time length of the games Saturday.

On behalf of the IISHF Presidium
Erik Sommer (President)

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