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IISHF Communication Letter 2021-10

IISHF Communication Letter 2021-10

1. Men Challenge Cup 2021

Based on the feedback for the IISHF Men Challenge Cup 2021 now rescheduled to 3-5 September 2021 in Essen (Germany) we have now 9 teams ready to participate.

Of the the original 10 teams a total of 7 teams have reconfirmed their participation and in addition one of the backup teams IHC Wolfurt Walkers from Austria and in addition an extra team Gentofte Rungsted Rage from Denmark have joint the Title Event. Attached please find the updated participating list.

The Title Event can take place with 9 teams from 5 countries (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland) but IISHF will prefere to have 10 teams for this event. So any NMA willing to send a team for the vacant place should respond no later than 24 May 2021 (3 weeks deadline).

Please note that as agreed on the Annual General Meeting 2021 and mentioned in the IISHF Communication Letter 2021-07 as of 8 April 2021 the deadline for latest decision if Title Events scheduled in 2021 will officially and finally take place is for tournaments in August/September to be decided latest by 30 June.

The teams not part of the originally selected teams IISHF will not be invoiced (via their NMA) for their participation until the Title Event has been officially and finally confirmed.

No team should book any travel and/or accommodation before the Title Event has been finally officially confirmed. This handling is necessary due to the uncertainty of the current stage of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the expected development in Essen, Germany in the next months.

2. IISHF Website - new version

As presented at the Working Meeting on 27.02.2021 the new version of the IISHF website will be going public shortly.

After 15 years of service our current website is technically outdated. The new website will be going online in 2 phases. First - in a few days - all general information and in a second phase - within a few weeks - all tournament information will be added.

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